A PTFE-lined, stainless steel tube is swaged over multiple, insulated, single-core copper and/or thermocouple-material wires to make a continuous wire, high-density, sealed feedthrough tube. These are used for thermocouples, resistance thermometers and low voltage instrumentation. The sealed tube assembly is usually mounted in a series PF or MF feedthrough. Series HF feedthroughs are manufactured with customer-specified wire lengths.

Epoxies and other sealants are not used in the construction of HF feedthroughs. They are suitable for use where outgassing is not permitted.

Saves time and costs by allowing multiple sensor wires to pass through a feedthrough fitting for a single element

Sealed tubes with continuous, multiple, insulated conductors

Stainless steel tube (316L) is sealed without potting, epoxies or glues

Copper or thermocouple-material wires types J, K, T & N

Max. current rating 500mA at 100Vdc

Pressure range: Vacuum to 350 bar with low leak rate

4 tube sizes carrying 12, 24, 40 or 60 size 24AWG copper or thermocouple material wires

Single tube assembly mounts in a series PF or PSF feedthrough. 316L Body (and seat where applicable). Follower and cap in 303 or 304

Multiple tubes mount in a series MF or MSF feedthrough

* dependent on sealant and fitting selected

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